Computer Automation Technology

CAT Manuals Online


Please note that the following manuals are in PDF format.


Active Products
AD-1000 Audio Delay Board 1/2012
AP-100 Audio Processing Board 12/2011
CAT-200B Repeater Controller 3/2012
CAT-260 Repeater Controller 7/2017
CAT-800 Repeater Controller 8/2017
CH-100 Internet Linking Hub  2/2013 
CL-100A Internet Linking Controller  12/2016
DR-800 Digital Voice WAV Player 3/2017
RLS-1000B Remote Base Switch  6/2017
SG-2000 S.A.M.E. Signal Generator  5/2008 
WX-250 S.A.M.E. Weather Receiver  8/2009 


Retired Products
CAT-100 Automatic Control Operator
CAT-250 Repeater Controller
CAT-300DX Repeater Controller
CAT-300DXL Repeater Controller 
CAT-400 Repeater Controller
CAT-500 Repeater Controller
CAT-700B Repeater Controller
CAT-1000 Repeater Controller
CI-300 Computer Interface
DL-1000 Audio Delay Board
DL-1000C Audio Delay Board
DR-1000C Digital Voice Recorder
DVR-1000 Digital Voice Recorder
DR-1000B Digital Voice Recorder - Rev B
RBS-1000 Remote Base Switch
SQ-1000 Super Squelch Board
MF-1000 Multifunction Board
WX-200 S.A.M.E. Weather Receiver
WX-1000 S.A.M.E. Weather Receiver