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SG-2000 S.A.M.E Signal Generator

NOAA weather transmitters send a weekly test, weather permitting on Wednesday between 11:00 AM and Noon. However after a new installation of a weather receiver or if there is a concern about the operation of an existing weather receiver it becomes desirable to perform an operational test. The SG-2000 makes this possible anytime you choose. The SG-2000 is a handheld RF signal generator. The output frequency is user programmable to any one of the seven standard frequencies between 162.400 and 162.550 MHz. The four front panel Alarm switches can be programmed for up to three FIP codes and any one of the fifty-three Event codes. The SG-2000 is compatible with any future weather or homeland security event codes.

SG-2000 Front Panel View


SG-2000 PCB View


Alarm Specifications
When an Alarm switch is pressed, the SG-2000 generates a test signal identical to the S.A.M.E. alert issued by a NOAA weather transmitter. This test signal includes three digital packets containing the alert information, a thirty second 1000 Hz tone representing the voice announcement, and three message termination packets.

SG-2000 Specifications

R.F. Frequency Output 162.400 MHz through 162.550 MHz
R.F. Output 2000uV +/- 6dB
Modulation Narrow Band FM, 3KHz Deviation
Rear Connector (RF) 50 Ohm, Type BNC Connector
Rear Connector (RS-232) RS-232 Computer: 9 Pin D (Female)
Power (Alarm Mode) +9VDC @ 65 ma: Internal Battery
Power (At Rest Mode) +9VDC @ 900 ua: Internal Battery
Battery Life: 12 Month Minimum
Dimensions: 5" H x 5" W x 2" D
Net Weight 1.0 lbs


Ordering Information

S.A.M.E. Signal Generator: $399.00