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WX-200W Editor for the WX-200

The WX-200 Configuration program requires a Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, or XP operating system. Once installed in your computer, this program is used to set-up the WX-200 Digital Weather Receiver. You will be able to select the county FIP CODES, EVENT CODES, TIMER SETTINGS, INPUTS/OUTPUTS, and OPTIONS.



WX-200 Setup Window
Use this window to select your computer's serial port and enter your local time zone. The weather station sends the alert time within the digital packet as GMT time. The configuration program calculates your local time for the alert history log.


Federal Information Processing Codes
Use this window to set-up the FIP CODES. Select the state, and check the desired county box. To select alerts for other locations in the transmitter coverage area, check additional boxes.


WX-200 Event Codes
Use these two windows to select the EVENT CODES. Select up to forty-eight (48) events by checking the box next to each event.


WX-200 Timer Settings

Line Time-out Option
This timer selects the time the line audio and PTT outputs are active when an alert message is sent by the weather station. Should the weather station fail to send the termination data packet this timer will limit the alert transmission time.

Voice Interval Timer Option
Imbedded in the alert information packet is the time the warning or watch is in effect. The time is sent in fifteen minute increments for the first hour and thirty minute increments for the remaining time of the alert. Once the alert message is finished, the red alert led on the front panel will continue to flash and the WX-200 voice synthesizer will periodically key-up the repeater transmitter and announce the nature of the alert. This timer sets the time between voice synthesizer announcements.


Call Letter Identification
Use the WX-200 voice synthesizer to identify the transmitter at the end of an alert and during the periodic voice weather announcements.


System Requirements
The WX-200 Editor For Windows requires an IBM® or compatible PC, 2MB RAM, Microsoft® Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista, Win7, or Win8.


Ordering Information

Included with the WX-200 Weather Receiver