Computer Automation Technology

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AD-1000 Digital Audio Delay Board
Wired and Tested
AP-100 Audio Processor Board
Manual and Connection Kit.
CAT-200B Repeater Controller Board
M-200 Manual and Connector Kit
CAT-260 Repeater Controller Board
M-260 Manual and Connector Kit.
CAT-800 Repeater Controller Board
M-800 Manual and Connector Kit.
CH-100 Internet Linking Hub $299.00
CI-200 Computer Interface
with ED-200W Windows Editor
CI-300 Computer Interface
with ED-300W Windows Editor
CL-100 Internet Linking Controller $399.00
CL-100S Pair of CL-100
Internet Linking Controllers
ED-250W Windows Editor for CAT-250 Controller $49.00
ED-260W Windows Editor for CAT-260 Controller $49.00
ED-300DXL Windows Editor for CAT-300DXL Controller $69.00
ED-400W Windows Editor for CAT-400 Controller $49.00
ED-700W Windows Editor for CAT-700 Controller $69.00
ED-1000 Windows Editor for CAT-1000 Controller $69.00
M-200 CAT-200 Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-200 Controller
M-250 CAT-250 Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-250 Controller
M-300 CAT-300DX Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-300DX Controller
M-300DXL CAT-300DXL Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-300DXL Controller
M-700 CAT-700 Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-700 Controller
M-1000 CAT-1000 Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-1000 Controller
RLS-1000B Remote Link Switch Board,
Wired and Tested
SQ-1000 Super Squelch Board $89.00
RME-200L Rack Mount Enclosure for CAT-200, CAT-250 and RLS-1000B $79.00
RME-800 Rack Mount Enclousure for the CAT-800 $79.00
SG-2000 S.A.M.E. Signal Generator. $399.00
WS-1000 Weather Station Firmware Up-Grade for
CAT-1000 Controller
WX-250 Digital Weather Receiver with
SAME Technology