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CH-100 Internet Linking Hub

The CH-100 makes a perfect addition to the Catlink system by providing multiple connections. The CH-100 connects directly to a DSL or CABLE modem and supports up to ten Catlinks. It can be located anywhere a high-speed Internet connection is available. Digital control and audio packets received from one CL-100 Catlink will be forwarded to up to twenty other Catlinks.




Cabinet Dimentions 5.0 x 5.0 x 2.0 Inches


CH-100 Features

  • Hub Identification.
  • User Approved Look-up Table.
  • Supports Catlink Constant Connect Mode.
  • Selectable Port Settings.
  • Active Low Logic Input to Disable the CH-100 Hub.
  • RS-232 Port for Set-up and Operational Display.
  • Front Panel Display.

HUB Identification
The CH-100 does not have a voice synthesizer. However, if a Catlink interrogates the Hub, it will send a series of digital packets containing the Hub's identification and the identification of any Catlinks that are currently connected to the Hub.

User Approved Look-up Table
In normal mode any CL-100 Catlink knowing the IP address of the Hub can connect. If the CH-100 is operated in the controlled mode, only Catlinks having their MAC address in the Hub's look-up table will be able to connect.

Selectable Port Settings
The CH-100 port number may be changed. This permits multiple Hubs to share the same IP address when they are connected to the same router.

RS-232 Port Operation
The CH-100's RS-232 Port is used to assign the Hub's identification, IP, Mask and Gateway addresses.

CH-100 Front Panel Display Indicators
The CH100 will transmit information data packets on its UDP port. The identification of each CL-100 connected to the HUB will be displayed. When a CL-100 transmits, its ID will turn green and when it "pings" the HUB the "P" box will flash red.

CH-100 Parameters Display
Four LED indicators display the CH-100 activity. The green POWER LED will light when +12VDC is supplied to the CH-100. The red HEARTBEAT LED will flash once a second to indicate the CH-100 is executing its program. The yellow CONNECT LED will light when the CH-100 is connected to a DSL or CABLE modem. The green ACTIVE LED will flash when data is being sent or received.



Parameters Display Security
For security purposes you must enter the HUB username and password to display the IP and PORT address and use the DUMP and BLOCK control buttons.



CH-100 Specifications

Microprocessor TI ARM Cortex M3
Memory Look-up Table 20 User IP Addresses
Internet Protocol Voice - Control UDP
Logic Inputs Active Low (Sink to Ground) to Disable the CH-100
Front Panel LEDs Power, Heartbeat, Internet Connect, Internet Activity
Operating Temperature -15 to +55 degrees C
Power 9 - 15VDC at 200ma max
Size 5.0 X 5.0 X 2.0 Inches


Ordering Information

CH-100 Internet Linking Hub Wired and Tested $299.00