Computer Automation Technology

RLS-1000B Remote Link Switch

Use the new RLS-1000B Remote Link Switch to connect three transceivers to the remote base input port of any controller including the CAT-1000, CAT-700B, CAT-300DXL, CAT-250, and the CAT-200B controllers. Transceiver selection is accomplished by grounding control lines. Since the audio and COR inputs are mixed, all three transceivers can be selected at the same time.


Board Dimension 7.0 X 3.0 Inches


RLS-1000 (left) mounted in optional RME-200L cabinet.


Connect three input ports to one output port. Independent selection of each port for simplex or full duplex operation. Select COR logic as active high or low. Select Port #1 priority over Ports #2 and #3. The frequency response is flat over a range greater than 300 to 3000 Hz. Level adjustments on both the input and output amplifiers makes it easy to compensate for varying input and output requirements. The audio input impedance is 10K ohms while the output is 600 ohms. Transceivers interfaced through separate [DB9] connectors while the controller interfaced is through a [DB25] connector.


Ordering Information

RLS-1000B Remote Link Switch Board $149.00
RME-200L Rack Mount Enclosure $79.00