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AP-100 Audio Processor

Place the AP-100 in the receiver's audio path to compensate your communication system's frequency response. The LOW and HIGH frequency controls can be adjusted independently with each having a range greater than 20dB. An overall gain control is also provided. It becomes a simple matter to compare the signal on the input of your repeater to the signal heard on the repeater's output and adjust the frequency response accordingly. The AP-100 becomes invaluable when setting up a voting system and making the audio response identical from each remote site. As the voter panel switches receivers, a person listing to the repeater output will not be able to detect any change in the audio.


Board size is 2.0 X 2.5 inches.
This is a plug and play accessory. No soldering required.


Installation is easy. Remove the jumper plug from the Controller's Delay Line header and connect the AP-100 cable. Make sure the jumpers on the AP-100 board are on positions 1 and 2 and connect the AP-100 and controller as shown in Figure 1 below with the included cable jumper.



To use the AP-100 in conjunction with an Audio Delay board, move the jumpers to positions 3 and 4 and connect the controller, AP-100 and Audio Delay board as shown in Figure 2.



Ordering Information

AP-100 Audio Processor Board $69.00