Computer Automation Technology

ED-260W Editor for the CAT-260

The CAT-260 Windows Editor offers a monumental break through in repeater controller programming. No endless string of DTMF tones to enter or confusing script files to write. Completely mouse driven, just point and click. Program codes, timers, voice messages and select courtesy tones without ever touching your computer's keyboard.


ed260w 1


CAT-260 Set-up
Use the CAT-260 Setup window to load the editor with default values.

ed260w 2


Control Codes
Use the CAT-260 Control Code window to change prefix and code settings. A forced DTMF key selection can also be selected.

ed260w 3


Use the CAT-260 Timer window to change both the Long and Short timer settings.

ed260w 4


Control Zones
The CAT-260 has sixty-four remote control channels divided into groups of eight zones with eight channels each according to their function. You would use this window to set the control functions of the CAT-260. To change the status of a control channel in the zone, just click on the desired check box.

ed260w 5


CW Identification and Muting Tone Selection
Use this window to edit the CW identification message. You can also select the CW tone frequency and speed. Muting tone frequency can also be selected.

ed260w 6


 Voice Messages
A vocabulary list of 470 words carefully selected for amateur repeater operation is available to construct any of 20 different voice messages. Each message can be 15 words in length. Configure your repeater ID and announcements to suit your particular needs.

ed260w 7


 Courtesy Tones
Eight different courtesy tones can be constructed to generate unique tones during different repeater configurations.

ed260w 8


Event and User Macros
Fifty event macros and forty user defined macros are supported in the CAT-260 controller. The window picture below illustrates the user macro display showing event macro 13. A macro review window will display what commands the macro will execute when a courtesy tone event request is issued.

ed260w 9


 Real-Time Scheduler
The CAT-260 supports twenty scheduled event time settings. The window below shows some scheduled time settings.

ed260w 10


Transferring Data To or From the CAT-260 Controller
After editing the controller parameters with your desired settings, you can upload the data into the CAT-260. If you have changed some parameters by DTMF, you can download the controller parameters into the editor and save your revised data to disk. The window below shows an upload in progress.

ed260w 11


System Requirements
CAT-260 Editor works with Microsoft® Windows XP. Vista, Win7, Win8, or Win10. The program resides on about 3MB of hard drive space.


Ordering Information

ED-260W CAT-260 Editor Program For Windows: $49.00.

RME-800 Rack Mount Enclosure

Install your CAT-800 controller in a custom rack mounted enclosure specifically designed for the CAT-800. The RME-800 provides a high strength aluminum enclosure and includes all the necessary hardware. Mounting holes have been pre-punched for CAT-800 controller board. The 19 inch rack mounted panel is 1.75 inches high and 5 inches deep. The RME-800 is constructed of aluminum and is black with a white front panel.


CAT800 Front Pix


RME-800 shown with the CAT-800 installed.


Ordering Information

RME-800 Rack Mount Enclosure $79.00

CAT Papers


P-01 Lightning Protection.
  P-02 RS-232 Serial Data Communications.
  P-03 Logic inputs to CAT controllers.
  P-04 Discussion about DTMF decoding.
  P-05 A few words about Intermodulation.
  P-06 Standard CTCSS tone frequencies.
  P-07 CAT Controller audio frequency responce plots.

P-08 Removed.
  P-09 CAT-1000 programming commands by modem.

Ordering Information
Factory Direct  1-954-978-6171
(Monday - Friday  9AM-9PM EST)

AD-1000 Digital Audio Delay Board
Wired and Tested
AP-100 Audio Processor Board
Manual and Connection Kit.
CAT-200B Repeater Controller Board
M-200 Manual and Connector Kit
CAT-260 Repeater Controller Board
M-260 Manual and Connector Kit.
CAT-800 Repeater Controller Board
M-800 Manual and Connector Kit.
CH-100 Internet Linking Hub $299.00
CI-200 Computer Interface
with ED-200W Windows Editor
CI-300 Computer Interface
with ED-300W Windows Editor
CL-100 Internet Linking Controller $399.00
CL-100S Pair of CL-100
Internet Linking Controllers
ED-250W Windows Editor for CAT-250 Controller $49.00
ED-260W Windows Editor for CAT-260 Controller $49.00
ED-300DXL Windows Editor for CAT-300DXL Controller $69.00
ED-400W Windows Editor for CAT-400 Controller $49.00
ED-700W Windows Editor for CAT-700 Controller $69.00
ED-1000 Windows Editor for CAT-1000 Controller $69.00
M-200 CAT-200 Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-200 Controller
M-250 CAT-250 Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-250 Controller
M-300 CAT-300DX Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-300DX Controller
M-300DXL CAT-300DXL Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-300DXL Controller
M-700 CAT-700 Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-700 Controller
M-1000 CAT-1000 Manual, included with purchase of
CAT-1000 Controller
RLS-1000B Remote Link Switch Board,
Wired and Tested
SQ-1000 Super Squelch Board $89.00
RME-200L Rack Mount Enclosure for CAT-200, CAT-250 and RLS-1000B $79.00
RME-800 Rack Mount Enclousure for the CAT-800 $79.00
SG-2000 S.A.M.E. Signal Generator. $399.00
WS-1000 Weather Station Firmware Up-Grade for
CAT-1000 Controller
WX-250 Digital Weather Receiver with
SAME Technology


 CAT Notes


C-01  Telephone Lightning Protection Circuit
  C-02  Positive Current Transmitter PTT Circuit
   C-03  Simple CAT Controller Test Set
   C-04  Telephone Busy Detector.
C-05 Connecting a CAT controller to a ICOM RP-1520 Repeater.
C-06 Connecting a CAT controller to a YAESU VXR-5000.
C-07 Replacing an obsolete "85" controller with a CAT.
C-08 Replacing an obsolete "96" controller with a CAT.
C-09 Replacing an obsolete "850" controller with a CAT.
C-10 Repeater Controller Frequency Response Plots.
C-11  Connecting a CAT controller to a YEASU VXR-7000.
   C-12  Connecting a CAT controller to a Kenwood TKR-750/TKR-850
   C-13  Connecting a CAT to Yaesu DR-1X Repeater
   C-14  Interfacing a CAT controller for IRLP® operation.
   C-15  Connecting a CAT controller to a Motorola MSR-2000
   C-16  Simple COR buffer-driver circuit.
   C-17  High Impedance COR buffer-driver circuit.
  C-18  Connecting a CAT to the Motorola Maxtrac and Radius transceivers.
  C-19  USB to RS-232 Serial Converter Cables.
   C-20  Repeater Death-Ray.
  C-21  Connecting a CAT-250 to M/A COM Master III.
  C-22  Connecting a CAT to a Kenwood TKR-720/820