Computer Automation Technology

Ohio Sales and Support

Based in Lima Ohio, Vince Warren attends various hamfest in the western Ohio and eastern Indiana area. He provides hands on demonstration of all the CAT repeater controllers and accessory equipment.

Knowledgeable in the operation of the CAT controllers he will be happy to answer your interfacing questions and assist you with programming.

Installation Support

All types of custom wired cables for repeaters, links, voter systems, weather receivers, and remote transceivers built to your specifications. You name it, Harlie can do it!

Quality shielded cable and connectors are used in building all cables to reduce interference in your RF environment. Any type of cable system can be customized and built to your exact requirements. If you are unsure of the type of cable to suit yours specific need, feel free to contact me at any time.

Please contact me at the link below with any questions, pricing information, or specific cable requirements you may have.

Firmware / Software Updates

Firmware updates for all CAT products can be obtained from Computer Automation Technology free of charge for six months after the controller purchase unless otherwise notes below. To request your update within the six month period, please call the factory at 954-978-6171 to receive your update. After the six month period, a fee of $25 will be charged for each update to cover shipping and handling.



Repeater Controllers


Internet Controllers and Hubs


Accessory Modules


Configuration Editors


Weather Receivers



Programming Support

Several programming tools are available to make programming your CAT-1000, CAT-800, CAT-700B, CAT-300DXL, CAT-300DX, CAT-250, or the CAT-200B repeater controller with ease. No endless strings of DTMF tones to enter or confusing script files to write.



Configuration Editors

All of the CAT editors are "Windows" driven and contains up to 25 different windows. Each window is opened by clicking on the menu bar. Included with the Windows Editor is a communication program especially developed to transfer the controller's memory with ease from your computer's serial port. For detailed information about either the CAT-1000, CAT-800, CAT-700, CAT-300DXL, CAT-300DX, CAT-250, or the CAT-200B Windows Editors, including various screen displays, can be reviewed by clicking on the following informational documents:

 ED-1000W  CAT-1000 Configuration Editor
 ED-800W  CAT-800 Configuration Editor
 ED-700W  CAT-700 Configuration Editor
 ED-400W  CAT-400 Configuration Editor
 ED-300DXL  CAT-300DXL Configuration Editor 
 ED-300W  CAT-300DX Configuration Editor
 ED-260W  CAT-260 Configuration Editor
 ED-250W  CAT-250 Configuration Editor
 ED-200W  CAT-200B Configuration Editor
 WX-200  WX-200 Configuration Editor
 WX-250  WX-250 Configuration Editor