Computer Automation Technology

DR-1000B Digital Voice Recorder

Add a digital voice recorder to your CAT-1000, CAT-700B, CAT-300DXL, or CAT-300 controller. The DR-1000B provides true voice message announcements on your repeater system. Substitute DVR tracks for voice messages, speed dial identifications and courtesy tones. The DVR tracks are protected during power failures. Tracks can be recorded, played or erased in any order. Record tracks through the repeater's receiver or the telephone line. A signal report test is also included. Enter a DTMF command to record a seven second test message. Un-key and the test message will play back. You instantly know how your signal sounds through the repeater. Total record time is four minutes. Sixteen audio tracks provide sufficient message capacity. Maximum track length is thirty seconds. Eight expanded user function switches are included. The board size is 4.5 X 3.0 inches and will easily mount in the RME-1000 enclosure next to the CAT-1000 , CAT-700, CAT-300DXL, or CAT-300 controller. This is a plug and play accessory.



Ordering Information

DR-1000B Digital Voice Recorder $199.00