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Repeater Controller

The CAT-800 represents the next generation of CAT controllers. Built on the hugely successful CAT-250, this controller adds many new features including a second link port and Internet connectivity. Use the Internet browser in your smart phone, tablet or computer to control, program, execute macros, play voice messages, send paging tones, announce the time and display and change port linking. Even if you don’t have Internet at your repeater site, shouldn’t your next controller have that capability?


Repeater Controller

The CAT-260 is a direct replacement for the very popular CAT-250 with an enhanced vocabulary word list and a super accurate clock backed up with a coin cell battery. The CAT-260 provides sophisticated remote base and or link operation at an extremely affordable priced at $349.00.


Repeater Controller

This controller was specially developed to provide sophisticated remote base and or link operation at an extremely affordable priced at $249.00.


WAV Player

Add a digital voice WAV player to your CAT-800 repeater controller. The DR-800 provides true voice message announcements to your repeater system. Substitute WAV files for your ID, timed and alarm messages. The WAV player supports thirty track of any length.


Weather Receiver

A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) equipped receiver with SAME decoding algorithms designed to respond to Weather SAME alerts with an audible attention tone and special voice announcements.


Internet VOIP Controller

This CL-100 was specially developed to provide Internet connectivity to existing repeater controllers or remote link transceivers without the need of a supporting computer. The CL-100 connects directly to a DSL or CABLE modem. It can also be connected to a port on your router and share your existing high-speed internet connection.


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CAT Notes

Cat Notes is a collection of notes covering a wide variety of subjects. Take a look and you may find some helpful discussions that is appropriate to your repeater system.


CAT Papers

Cat papers is a collection of papers covering a wide variety of subjects. Take a look and you may find some helpful discussions that is appropriate to your repeater system.


File Download

Firmware updates and change history reports for some CAT products can be found by clicking on the link below.


CAT-200B Firmware History Report


Version Date Description
1.09 Sep 30, 2001 Released "B" model to production
1.10 July 30, 2002

1) Voice variables for controlling the link (120, 121, 122) have been added.

2) Zone 4, Channel 5 added (Voice ID enable)

3) CW tone frequency moved from 1000 Hz to 900 Hz.

4) Voice messages increased from 8 messages to 12 messages.

5) New voice message 8 "Link On" added to the link connect command.

6) New voice message 9 "Link Off" added to the link disconnect command.

7) New voice message 10 "Link Time Out" added to the auto link disconnect.

8) Enter from the CRT routine now available with *97 command.

9) Fan turn-off fixed.

10) DTMF muting from port #2 was not working and has been corrected.

11) Correct main PTT (port#1) from not dropping whenever the link is activated from port #2.

1.11 Nov 02, 2002

1) Fixed no courtesy beep with COR #2 active while the link is OFF.

2) Fix hardware inputs not being disabled via zone channel during hardware timer voc calls.

3) Fix the problem with PTT #1 dropping after COR drop if the link was activated.

4) Force "D" key feature added.

5) User function triggering messages were not keying the link if Zone 2 Channel 5 was turned on.

6) User function output 2,3, and 4 (On only) were not working within a voice message.

1.12 May 28, 2003

1) Zone 4, Channel 8 CTCSS Encoder Switch Enable added.

2) Added user output 5 and 6 control from within a voice message.

1.13 Dec 1, 2003

1) Voice word "connect" said upon entry into data upload.

2) ID enable channel, when off, was causing a momentary PTT.

1.13a Dec 29, 2003

1) Enable entry into PRGM mode when Zone 1 Channel 1 is Off.

1.13b Apr 28, 2004

1) If the fan control is active, force the fan output off (UF #6) when zone 4 channel 4 is turned off.

1.13c June 10, 2004

1) When link was enabled from port #2 with link auto disconnect channel on, link would drop immediately.

1.13d Oct 5, 2004

1) Fix CTCSS encoder switching during a CW ID.

1.14 July 14, 2007

Fix interaction between COR#2 and P1 timeout.

Added a timeout voice message when P1 goes into timeout.

Fix P2 being dropped when within programming mode.

Fix P2 audio switching during a CW message.

1.15 Aug 1, 2014

Reconfigure files to accept the AT89C51ED2 device

1.16 Aug 30, 2014

Large timers increased from 1800 max to 3600 seconds

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